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X-Ray Specialist

Brighton Beach Medical Group

Multi-Specialty Group Practice & Cardiologists located in Brooklyn, New York City, NY

Unexplained pain and other symptoms can be quickly diagnosed through on-site imaging tests like X-rays available on-site at Brighton Beach Medical Group in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn. The experienced providers offer the latest X-ray technology, including abdominal X-rays, to ensure you receive a fast, accurate diagnosis during your appointment. The skilled medical team can schedule your X-ray appointment, often on the same day, to ensure you get the help you need when you need it most. Learn more about on-site X-rays by calling the New York City office,


What are X-rays?

X-rays are a type of noninvasive diagnostic test that uses electromagnetic waves to create images of the internal structures of your body in black and white.

The most common use of X-rays is to identify fractures of the bones, but X-rays are also useful in diagnosing pneumonia or identifying abnormal cancer growths in the breasts and other areas.

Abdominal X-rays can identify conditions that affect your digestive health and organs like your liver, spleen, and intestines.

X-ray technology can even be used during certain treatments like joint injections, providing the doctor with real-time imaging guidance to ensure the needle is in the proper position.

What can I expect during an X-ray?

Depending on the area that needs X-rays, you can expect to sit or lie down on an exam table and the Brighton Beach Medical Group staff will place you into the proper position.

To protect your body from unnecessary doses of radiation, they will have you wear a lead vest or cover you with a lead sheet. The X-ray technology then takes pictures of the affected area of your body, often from multiple angles.

While X-rays are painless, you might have some discomfort staying still in a certain position until the X-rays are complete. Digital technology allows the Brighton Beach Medical Group team the opportunity to see the results of your X-rays immediately. 

The images are uploaded to a computer, where your doctor can review them and reach a diagnosis. Fast, same-day results from on-site X-rays ensure you can begin treatment as quickly as possible.

Are X-rays safe?

X-rays are both safe and effective in quickly diagnosing bone breaks and other issues when a physical exam isn’t enough. The Brighton Beach Medical Group staff ensures your health and safety are top priorities during the test.

You’re not a good candidate for X-rays if you’re pregnant. Your Brighton Beach Medical Group provider also reviews your medical history to ensure that any existing health conditions you have will not be affected by X-rays before performing the test.

If you need diagnostic X-rays, you can schedule a consultation with the Brighton Beach Medical Group today by calling the office.